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Sailing Destination Zadar: An Unmissable Experience

January 18. 2022.

Every accomplished captain and sailor will tell you there is nothing like the adrenaline rush that comes with sailing the high seas. After all, when on a boat, the world is your oyster.

And while there are many magnificent sights to see worldwide, there is nothing quite like sailing up and down the sun kissed Adriatic coast - specifically Zadar.

So, if you want to enjoy exploring Croatia without worrying about lengthy bus trips, crazy drivers and overflowing parking lots, a sailing trip in Zadar, Croatia is just what you need.

With countless of excellent options to choose from to agonise over when planning your summer getaway, we’re here to show you exactly why Zadar is your ideal sailing destination.

Why Zadar is Your Best Sailing Destination

The Picturesque Beaches

OK, yes, we tend to keep going on and on about the beaches, but you know what? With good reason.

They’re private, they’re untouched and they’re downright magnificent. From the crystal clear sea to the hot sand or pebble beaches - there just aren’t enough adjectives that do these beaches justice. While we do our best to try, it’s never enough to depict the beauty that awaits you.

The best part about the islands in the Zadar region is that they’re scattered with private bays – some that can only be reached by boat. That’s heaven on earth right there, but you need to see it to believe it.

The Location

We are well aware that there are gorgeous islands all over Europe that you can visit, but do you really want to spend hours on end getting to a remote European island? Didn’t think so, and that’s because you can get to Zadar in just a few hours from as many as 50 destinations in Europe.

Zadar is also smack bang in the middle of the Adriatic coastline, providing visitors with the best base to go sail either north or south. It’s also a stone’s throw from some of the most spectacular national parks in the country, such as the Kornati Islands, Paklenica mountain range and Plitvice lakes.

If it’s good enough for Jane Fonda and Beyoncé, who are we to argue, right?

Great Value for Money

Times a tough, and with today’s economy, it can be difficult to set aside the funds that you normally could for an unforgettable holiday. While other Mediterranean locations around Europe could potentially throw you into the deep end, sailing around Croatia means you can enjoy yourself without going bankrupt.

A drink at the local beach bars will set you back a couple of Euros and even dinner for two shouldn’t set you back more than €50. You won’t even have to pay for accommodation because you have a travelling hotel to get back to every night.

The Mouth-watering Food

People take their food very seriously here. In most restaurants, if you were to pick up a menu, close your eyes and point to something you’re not likely to go wrong.

The olive oil, made from homegrown olives, the infamous cheese from the island of Pag and the home-cured prosciutto will send your taste buds on a rollercoaster they and you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Most importantly, a gourmet speciality you cannot leave Zadar without tasting has to be the seafood. Every talented chef will prepare your seafood dish with minimal add-ons, so you can enjoy it in its truest form. A little salt, a little olive oil and paired with a glass of rich wine is best.

The Ideal Sailing Shoulder Season

One of the best aspects of visiting Croatia is the climate. Perfect weather can be experienced from spring right through to the end of autumn. If you cannot get away during summer, or want to escape the masses, the shoulder season is the best way to go – especially for sailors.

Consider packing your bags in May and June or even September through October. The weather is warm enough to go swimming and you can enjoy the sights without having to wade through unnecessary crowds all day long.

There’s an Island for Everyone

You can use any our base in either Marina Zadar Tankerkomerc or D-Marin Borik to head over to a number of the islands off the coast. The most convenient thing is that there’s an island to suit everyone.

Want to spend all day lazing on the hot sand while reading your favourite novel and cooling off in the pristine sea? Head over to Dugi Otok. If you want seclusion and relaxation, Molat is the place to be. For anyone who wants to get the party started and keep it going all night long, Pag, the party island has an exquisite cocktail waiting just for you.

Book Your Zadar Sailing Trip Today

If your sailing fantasy consists of balmy days, sandy beaches and deep blue seas, Zadar ticks all those boxes. Add to that a rich history accompanied with walled cities, architecture from the Venetian empire and looming rocky headlands and you have the very definition of the perfect Mediterranean getaway.

By far, the best thing about choosing Zadar as your sailing destination is the island-speckled coastline that is set against sparkling waters and white pebbled beaches.

The Adriatic Sea, one of the biggest untouched treasures on this planet shines with a jewel-like intensity, boasting hues of emerald and sapphire and is offset with ridiculously picturesque mountains and landscapes in the background.

A sight unlike any other, you won’t know where to look first. An incredibly memorable sailing adventure is waiting for you right here in Zadar.

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